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OBWhatsApp apk

OBWhatsApp 2021 is a modified version of the Omar WhatsApp, and it is considered one of the best versions of WhatsApp Plus, because it has many amazing features such as the ability to change the appearance of WhatsApp , the ability to save the status, from the next paragraph you can download OBWhatsApp latest version v28.

Download OBWhatsApp 2020 apk

How to Install OBWhatsApp
If this is your first time installing omar whatsapp , then you will face a blem installing it, so follow the next steps to avoid any blem:

Activate download from unknown sources, from your phone Settings go to Special access, then activate it.
Allow installing from this source, this will not show to every device, if it did then click allow.
What to do if you get banned?
Back up your chats, then delete the omar WhatsApp version and install the latest update of omar from the download button above, and you will get rid of the temporary ban.

What’s New in omar Update?

  • Update the market version to
  • New user interface design.
  • Change between light and dark mode by default.
  • New style for the status, now it looks like IG story.
  • Change the bottom bar style.
  • Fixed the issue when the contact picture is not shown in the group.

Top Features of Omar Privacy

  • Hide seen, blue ticks and second tick.
  • Hide “typing”, and hide “recording”.
  • Prevent the messages from being deleted.
  • Stop showing “Forward Message”.
  • Lock the application

Dark Mode and Turn off Internet

The interface of omar whatsapp has two icons on the upper bar, the Wi-Fi icon is to turn off the internet of the application, the crescent is for dark mode.

Change omar Style

You can change the color of the application icon, the color of the notification, and change the type of the font, all that you can do from omar Settings Style.

Change Font Type

omar application vides you with a wide variety of English and Arabic fonts, where you can change between 33 English fonts and 23 Arabic fonts.

How to download omar with the iPhone Theme?

If you want to download WhatsApp that carries the iPhone theme, that is a bottom navigation bar similar to the iOS version, you can get an iPhone theme by following the next steps:

  1. Click the three points above.
  2. omar Settings.
  3. Home Screen.
  4. Click the upper bar.
  5. Choose bottom navigation bar style, then iOS theme

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